Get PSD2 ready on every channel with ScreenWiZeTM

ScreenWiZe, on top of its device security and behavioural data modules, fulfils SCA requirements, while providing your business with excellent knowledge of customer behavior and managing automatically your threshold exposure, chargebacks and risk rates within the PSD2 framework. All this with zero customer friction.


Behaviour user identification for payments, credit and insurance

3DS 2.0 RBA and PSD2 SCA ready

Malware and bot

Build-in threat intelligence

Passive user authentication

ScreenWiZe installs in under 48 hours to help mobile commerce and app-centred banking stop threats at the entry point—device, interface and applications—and uses GDPR compliant data sampling to identify malware, bots and other intrusions in the user device. Thanks to our quick integration and SDKs for iOS and Android, we can provide within 48 hours services from user behavior and suspect activity detection to distinguishing between high and low risk users or applicants for on-boarding and credit. Sector specific applications include gaming, credit scoring, internal and collusion fraud in ride apps and e-Commerce. And ScreenWiZe™ can even install seamlessly over other solutions from our competition.

Together with the Anomalytics platform, ScreenWiZe can optimize your authentication by 70%+ and improve the accuracy of scoring on several types of user activity, all within GDPR rules and at ever-lower fraud rates.


unique customer devices daily


events analysed daily


decrease in non-paying lenders in 30 days


increase in loan approval rate


decrease in false positives

ScreenWiZeTM benefits in B2C transaction environments with a proven ROI

Highlight script, malware and bots to stop automated attacks

Use only device data and no personal information to block and approve customers during the on-boarding stage and increase conversion

2-day lightweight integration

GDPR compliant

Your guide to PSD2


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