Banking transaction systems security future-proofed at one-tenth the cost.

Cybertonica’s product suite with AnomalyticsTM, ScreenWiZeTM and GoFrictionless modules enables you to get a 360-degree cutting-edge Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence transaction risk and fraud monitoring solution protecting your systems and your customers.


Manage AML and compliance in your own interface

Build new products in your framework using the combined features and the big data outputs from compliant analytics

Augment accuracy in device-linked authentication and on-boarding for credit and client side risk

Protect your banking app against malware, social fraud and device bots


Monitors and feeds your systems in real-time with AML and internal and external threats detecting business risks sooner.


Client-side and internal mousepad and device protection is the first step to secure your payment systems. ScreenWiZe™ SDKs in iOS and Android protect end user devices and interfaces from cyberthreat and malware. Behavioural authentication meets biometric requirements. Implements as a layer with any existing tools and systems.


Our world-class fully integrated fraud and risk management tools allows your fraud and risk team to fine tune and innovate in test and go-live mode giving them ownership of security and risk measures to the degree required to ensure customer experience improvements with heightened security.

Together or separately these modules augment your security, compliance and fraud prevention capabilities while reducing false positives and unnecessary controls cost.


Reduction of chargebacks and refunds by 60% with low false positive rate

AML and KYC integrations with CRM allowing for compliant monitoring

Scalable real-time transaction scoring platform

Detection of payment, account and portfolio anomalies

Acquiring partners: Cards, mobile commerce, e-wallets, remittance and crypto

Instantaneous operational and analyst queue creation

AML threats exposed and highlighted

System capabilities for 1 billion events per day per node

Secure PCI DSS Level 1 certified world-wide

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Risk deserves reward. Safely grow your payments portfolio, controlling and minimising risk, fraud and customer friction with Cybertonica’s Anomalytics™ platform

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Provide a frictionless one-click customer experience to all e-merchants. Cybertonica’s GoFrictionless reduces basket drop-off by 30% while controlling the transaction risk.

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Get PSD2 ready on every channel with ScreenWiZe™. Cybertonica’s ScreenWiZe™ benefits in B2C transaction environments with a proven ROI.

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