Cybertonica’s GoFrictionless for Acquiring

Acquirers get access to the one tool in the market specifically designed to manage risk and merchant portfolio.


Manage seasonality, new markets and merchants by instantly making adjustments in rules and Security Policies in real-time

Gain insights about merchant behaviour

Fully customisable to reflect your business needs

Use the pricing and value-at-risk tools to take aim at higher profits at the same risk

Designed for Acquiring

Unique among our competitors, we designed a system for the acquiring market to service its customers better while obtaining better results.

ROI for you and for your customer

Your merchants will get real-time actionable information about fraud and how to engineer their policy to obtain better sales. Acquirers will be given the data to improve their profitability and allow more of the marketing and sales to be data-driven.

Make it simple, make it quick

Plug and play on the ScreenWiZe™ product and short customisation of the dashboard driven by analytics APIs so within weeks you are live and testing your best configuration.

Give your risk and fraud team tools to win

The risk and fraud team are the key players in your profitability game — give them the tools to win and contribute new profits.


GoFrictionless uses our cloud-based real-time fraud and transaction risk monitoring platform, AnomalyticsTM, with our customised Acquirer dashboard bringing together your CRM, risk and fraud/chargeback prevention in one operational environment for your teams.

Gain instant insights into fraud and risk exposure and own the security policies to influence your business results by analysing merchant risk, value at risk and preventing other errors at individual and portfolio level.

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with ScreenWiZeTM and GoFrictionless


Get PSD2 ready on every channel with ScreenWiZe™. Cybertonica’s ScreenWiZe™ benefits in B2C transaction environments with a proven ROI.

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Provide a frictionless one-click customer experience to all e-merchants. Cybertonica’s GoFrictionless reduces basket drop-off by 30% while controlling the transaction risk.

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Our team of highly specialised technologists and digital payments experts has developed a world-class AI fraud prevention and risk management technology. Book a demo today to see how Cybertonica can increase your revenues while managing risk.

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