Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence platform to grow trust and increase profits in the global digital commerce and banking world.

Detecting fraud, cyberthreats and measuring risk in all transaction channels as a service

Cybertonica uses ML and AI to manage risk and fraud, increasing trust and providing insights that enable frictionless banking and m/e-payments globally. We enhance the e/m-commerce purchasing experience boosting sales, customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

Cybertonica offers a business impact technology solution for the emerging payments industry

Cybertonica combines biometric, marketing and third-party data with all of their products on the analysis layer. The power of Cybertonica is being able to understand and provide risk profiles in real time on one billion events per day.

Cybertonica’s benefits
for B2B transaction environments: Clear ROI

Using Machine Learning and AI to provide risk-free operations in the payments market.

Providing user and device authentication by unique and GDPR-compliant biometric data collection.

Enabling a frictionless one-click customer experience to all e-merchants that reduces basket drop-off by 30% while controlling the transaction risk

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Get PSD2 ready on every channel with ScreenWiZe™. Cybertonica’s ScreenWiZe™ benefits in B2C transaction environments with a proven ROI.

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Provide a frictionless one-click customer experience to all e-merchants. Cybertonica’s GoFrictionless reduces basket drop-off by 30% while controlling the transaction risk.

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Risk deserves reward. Safely grow your payments portfolio, controlling and minimising risk, fraud and customer friction with Cybertonica’s Anomalytics™ platform

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Our team of highly specialised technologists and digital payments experts has developed a world-class AI fraud prevention and risk management technology. Book a demo today to see how Cybertonica can increase your revenues while managing risk.

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